Is it possible to deactivate my account

I’ve searched all over in account settings and don’t see it. Thank you.

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I dont think so

You should at least be able to go into your account settings under “preferences” where you can unlink your google/facebook/github account.

You can also turn off email notifications in the “email” section of the preferences, in case you are just trying to stop from getting notification emails when one of your past replies/threads gets liked or replied to.

Sure, as per our privacy policy you can request the deletion or anonymization of your account and your posts

Request Deletion or Anonymization of your data and posts
If you wish to have your data and posts deleted or anonymized please send us a message via the staff page or send us an email at using the same email address associated to your account.

Send a private message to me (or to another staff member) confirming that you want to delete your account and we will do it asap.

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