Is it possible to edit JMonkey's IDE?

I need to edit and add some tools to IDE.for example changing icons.How i can do this?

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AFAIK the JMonkey IDE is based on NetBeans IDE, I would ask in a Netbeans forum…

The IDE is open-source, check it here.


For just changing a few icons, I’d reccomend just taking existing DarkMonkey look and feel (source on github), changing the icons and installing it to a regular sdk installation. Manually rebuilding whole sdk would be overkill.

Thanks for your help.
I mean, if I want to add another item, such as artificial intelligence, to the toolbar section, which has a few sub groups and, for example, when you click on the first one, create a character in active scene.
It’s possible to do this using the extensions in the unity engine. Is there such a possibility on jmonkey engine?

Maybe this is what you’re looking for :wink:

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Oh my god
Yes, that’s exactly what I meant.
thank you

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Technically the sdk is just netbeans with a bunch if plugins added anyway. If you manage to get it working and don’t mind sharing, we could even merge it into sdk itself.

Heres the info on how to create actual jME SDK plugins: