Is it possible to make this simple game

Hi iam new to JME and i am wondering about the difficulty of

1.getting a 3d character to render with all the alpha transparencies and textures

2. get the character moving around on the screen with a walk or running animation

3. on a plane or some type of ground

that is my small goal for now, but iam finding difficulty finding tutorials for this.

i guess the hardest part about this is getting the 3D Character with the animation into jme.

Do you already have a 3D model with animations?

If so, you you can take a look at jmetest.renderer.loader.* classes, to see how to load 3d models and play different animations.

I have found a 3d model from my collection of models its not rigged

If i rig it should i use a physique modifier or a skin modifier, i am using max

what specifications and files do i need ?

I know i need a mesh but what format should it be exported to?

I know i need an animation what format should it be exported to?

ummm and is there any code to cover the rest of the  problem the rendering the mini world creation and position changing of the character? i can't find any good tutorials. So far i ve only loaded my model into a game and it doesn't render the alpha channels or transparencies. :confused: can anyboy help me get started with my small project?