Is jme 1.0 now officially ad acta?

hey guys!

I read in various topics that developers should port to 2.0 for many reasons.

Is version 1.0 now officially 'dead'? (feature freeze, no bugfixes, etc.)

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Jme1 should still be Bugfixed and remain the stable release for now.

But no new features will be added to jme1.

Once a Stable 2.0 release is released …  jme1 can die  :slight_smile:

AFAIK jME2 is more stable than jME1, because several usability changes were made. I would personally suggest using jME2 over jME1.

ok, thank you guys.

I just had to know because I have to reason about whether we should port our product to 2.0 or not to the higher-ups.

any more facts?

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