Is JME for newbies?

Hi guys.

First, i have already installed JME and have run some simple examples, but i have to say it's been a little

bit hard for me to understand some of the source code, even in the simplest examples.

I have no experience in game programming, so i guess i should start learning about 2D game programming,

but i would like to ask, can i learn 2D programming with JME, or JME is more oriented to 3D applications?

Should i start with something "easier to learn" maybe like XNA? or it is ok for a newbie like me to start with JME?

In XNA i feel there is more information i can read, but in JME there is no so many information, and i feel like

stuck with my questions, and sometimes i don't know whether to post here my stupid questions cause i don't

like to disturb the community :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for your time.

PD: excuse me for my bad english

i'd say jME is easy to learn if you have experience in java and you can read and understand code easily.

As there is no complete documentation of jME you will need to learn from the examples.

jME is designed for 3D application, but you can of course make 2D applications with it.

If you are new to game programming, maybe its better to start with 2D games to get a understanding for the game loop / input handling etc.

When using jME you also need basic understanding of OpenGL (how material/lighting works etc.).

Learning everything together can be frustrating i think.

I recommend you read these books, in order, from front to back:

  - Killer Game Programming in Java  (Killer Game Programming in Java)

  - Pro Java 6 3D Game Development (Pro Java 6 3D Game Development)

You'll gather the majority of the experience you will want to tackle jME and use it as your framework.

I taught myself java. I wanted to make my games a little more interesting than just text so I started looking at game engines. I found jME 1 had the most documentation, that was when jME 1 was new. I started learning jME by breaking the tutorials. Now I have a physical game where you move blocks around. Along with a lot of other broken tutorials.

So I would say jME is easy to learn because I was able to use it when I did not know what Serialization was.

I also like jME because it doesn't try to do anything complicated for you.  OGRE, for example, has its own obscure way of making terrain that you can't customize, but in JME you just make the geometry and attach it like anything else.

What part of the examples are confusing you?  App heirarchy?  Scene graphs?