Is possible to view UV map in imported models?

I’m imported according to wiki a model made in blender (2.49b) but in SceneViewer I can’t se a UV map.

It is normal?

No, did you turn on the light? Does the model have a red material? If yes, name the material file like the scene or mesh.xml file you use to load.

Model have a grey material.

I can’t found material file.

Material is and was named like mesh.xml file but this look like [my name].material is not converted in [my name].jm3. In asset menager I can see only [my name].j3o and tga file with UV bitmap (*.tga).

Seems like you dont export the material correctly… Anyway, just create a new material with that texture and set it to the model.

Sorry, I don’t know how to add to material texture because this panel:

look complety different. This don’t have options like “m_Normal(Texture2D)”.

(I’m can of course made it with coding but I’m want to know why this don’t work in JMP).

Press the little “set” button next to the texture names.


In my jMP this panel haven’t any names like NormalMap:

And I’m tryning to set material (freezing is main obstacle)

Oh my, what OS and window manager is that? Also, when the preview isn’t working the SceneViewer has problems too. I don’t think jMP runs correctly on your computer.

Sorry: In JMP is not possible to set material. JMP freeze sometimes and sometimes widgets like “Materia” are not active:

You have to open the model in the SceneComposer to be able to edit it. Its all detailed in the manual. Still, why doesn’t the SceneViewer open on your computer? Theres something wrong as I said.

Product Version: jMonkeyPlatform Alpha-4

Java: 1.6.0_20; OpenJDK Server VM 19.0-b09

System: Linux version 2.6.35-28-generic running on i386; UTF-8; pl_PL (jmonkeyplatform) (ubuntu 10.10).

Window Menager: Compiz

I’m don’t like to use SceneComposer or SceneViewer because it often freeze.

I’m opened model in SceneViewer. How to:

“Save the j3o and load it into you game.”?

(Sorry for newbie questions)

EDIT: Change window menager to Metacity haven’t any effect on freezing or wrong working in material editor.

Deactivate compitz and activate the nightly update center. All your questions are answered in the manual.

I’m done it.

After JMP restarting I’m was welcomed with this message:

But still lack of labels in material editor, and problems with sceneviewer.

You have the latest drivers for your graphics card installed?

Yes. This also is OpenGL 2 compatible. And jME 3 applications work fine (excpet JMP).