Is screen space reflection shader is filter shader ? Or material shader?


Thank you to replay. I want to make it.
Now I have :
varying vec2 texCoord;

uniform sampler2D m_Texture;
uniform sampler2D m_NormalsTexture;
uniform sampler2D m_DepthTexture;
uniform vec2 m_Resolution;
uniform mat4 m_WorldViewProjectionMatrix;

Dos these condition enough?
And I trouble how to distinguish reflection and non-reflection pixel?

Not to sure sorry, I’ve never done it.

You shouldn’t have too much trouble distinguishing reflection pixels, since they don’t yet exists. You may need to define a material for the reflective floor so you can isolate that in post and perform the processing after the initial scene render.

How to isolate floor in post?
Use another viewport only attach floor?

Thank you very much!