Is there a Java Implementation for OpenSteer?

Good day, I am sorry if this is not the right forum for this question. New forum organization is confusing me a bit.

I am working on cars(inverted model from example) and trying for them to go to a specific point in on a 3d map (Seek). In many tries I have been unable to make the car go through the specific point, always exhibiting strange behaviors. I can post videos if you wish. I am trying to find something to compare against to see what I am doing wrong. I have been reading that opensteer solves this problem in C++ but I have been unable to find an implementation in Java I could try to port.

You could also advise me on the folly of my ways

As always thank you for your help.

I think some of these steering algorithm are already packed into the AI plugin. Maybe you should have a look.

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@yang71 is correct, there are some there. All of the commonly used ones.

I saw a github section containing a list of plugins, is it based on that?

For those who did not see it: On Windows go to Tools > Plugins > JM3 AI Library.

The code and java doc can be seen I have yet to confirm if it can be used with a car with physics attached.

Marking it as solved as my initial question if there was an AI implementation is answered.