Is there a JME 3.1 full zip with 32/64?

JME 3.0 has full zip file download available that includes both the 32 and 64 bit versions. However I noticed the latest stable 3.1 isn’t available. Is there one available or will one be made in the future ?

I want the files for both versions because I run a portable version of Java along with JME so I can easily test from machine to machine. I don’t need an install version just the files.

There is no stable 3.1, its still in alpha.

sorry not stable but latest release. I only see a 2014 release in nightly.

idk but its quite easy to create the platform independent zip for yourself, just do
./gradlew build
cd sdk
ant build-zip

On github there is a release tab. That’s where the releases are