Is there a way to edit render distance with the cubes framework?

I was wondering if there is a way to set a render distance with this framework. No problem if there is not i was just wondering before i go figure out my own way.

This has nothing to do with the cube framework. You can set the frustum in the camera object of jme3,%20float,%20float,%20float)


… should do the trick. :slight_smile:

Thank you. And sorry im new with 3D stuff.

Question about your framework. Can you edit how many chunks are in your BlockTerrainControl? i wanna make a minecraft like clone for fun and i wanna have ainfinite(or a really big) world and when i try loading a alot of chunks it crashs. Would i have to use multi BlockTerrainControls? or is there a function you have built in? if there is i havent found it.

I never used the cube terrain but i know someone name @pspeed who know about it, you should ask him. I think he s the one making Mythruna!

i wanna have ainfinite(or a really big) world and when i try loading a alot of chunks it crashs.

First of all: I’m not the author of the Cubes Framework. I wrote an own voxel engine, because the Chunkmanagement you mentioned had to be much more flexible fo my project than the Cubes framework currently is.

You cannot load a really big world at once. I assmum that you have some sort of OutOfMemoryException, don’t you?

You have to load a special amount of chunks that make out the visible world. Imagine the user stands at an xz-coordinate that belongs to the chunk at the chunk coordinate <cx, cz>. Then my ChunkManagement loads n chunks around him, o in other words: all chunks within the region <cx-n, cz-n> to <cx+n, cz+n>. If the use goes into positive z-direction and enters a new chunk, then the last row of chunks behind him (the edge of the visibl world) is deleted and a ne row of chunks in front of him (the new edge of the world) is requested from the ChunkManagement.

And even the ChunkManagement does not keep the complete (infinit) world in memory, but calculates new chunks it has never seen with some noise functions so that chunks at the same chunk coordinate will look equal (until another seed is set) or it loads always known chunks from the filsystem.

Taking all this together: it’s quite a lot of stuff you have to do, because as I said above: the Cubes framework is really fine for experimenting and research but I believe that it does not fit the needs you or I have to the Chunk management.

With all due respect, Im not sure if a Minecraft like game is the right start if you’re completely new to game pogramming or 3D stuff. Why do you start with such a monster project if you’re just about to learn about all the 3D stuff?

Cubes currently does not have support for infinite terrain - It’s not that it is not compatible with the current code, the reason is simply missing time on my side^^ A friend of mine extended and rewrote certain Cubes parts once to support a growing world with terrain generation. The library was always concepted as a starting framework for people who wanted to display a blockworld.
As said many times before, if you want to make a big voxel game, you will most likely need to write your own engine at some point. Things can get so specific that there will always be stuff that can be done in a better way when considering the projects needs. :smiley: