Is there anyway to avoid timeout during Eclipse fetching jME?

I have been trying to install jME using Eclipse for 2 days now. I have no problems with the Eclipse guide (, but what is stopping me is the timeout. What I am talking about is the step 9 in Eclipse guide. I have been retrying for many times now, but the timeout still persist.

So is there a way to avoid this timeout?  :?

faster internet? is pretty slow though~

u can change the timeout limit in eclipse under Preferences -> Team -> CVS -> Connection -> Connection timeour(s)

OK I have changed the timeout limit to 0.

Unfortunately, I ran into

failed due to an internal error (took 35:50.375)
   Error: Unknown response received from cvs server: 

Is there a way to continue downloading from a leftover point, just like in FlashGet?

Or are there better alternatives? This is not going anywhere.  :|

u should increase the timeout limit if u dont mind wait. but the reason y its timed out is probably coz ur internet speed is too slow

you can just update again from cvs, it will get the missing files