Is this concept possible to be done in jME?

Hello guys!

I saw some friends playing a game called “Little Big Planet” in PS3. I thought the dynamic destruction concept was pretty cool.

I have a video showing a gamemode called “Bomb survival”, where bombs fall from sky and the players must remain alive.

What I want to know is if there’s a way to recreate the dynamic destruction of the props.

Thanks in advance, borba.

its called voxels, use this :

Also, its possible to pre-processing this as merely animation

being run, not actually calculating all the explosions.

one way to do this is to render the animation in say, blender

and then run it in engine when needed. I’d also swap models

to save some polygons when its time to run the animation.

I suspect they are just dynamically destroying stuff. Since it’s really just a 2D game, this is pretty easy. The meshes for the background and the platforms are procedural anyway… so if you know you need to chop it off, the math is already there. You had a line from a → b explosion happens between them at c, so now you have lines a->c and c->b with scorched ends.

It’s a really fun game, though. One of the best examples I’ve played of using 3D to render a 2D side-scroller. :slight_smile: