Is this idea possible with JME?

Hi All

I noticed this fine-looking engine about 6 months ago and was impressed… love that it's Java and OpenGL; I'm a Flash developer from a C++ background, so keen on cross-platform stuff.

I've been mulling over creating a simple Fantasy RPG for a while now. In particular, I'm a huge fan of Angband, Diablo, Fate and that sort of thing so I'm wondering:

Can one create dynamically-modifiable meshes using this engine? (Think also Dungeon Keeper) I'd want to be able to dynamically create the mesh that forms the entire dungeon, then lay textures and so on dynamically too. Then perhaps even have the ability to let some creatures tunnel into walls, creating new volume within the dungeon mesh.

Does this sound possible, guys? And does jME offer anything that could make such processing simpler?

I anxiously await your responses!   :wink:

EDIT: I've been searching the forums and have found this, which seems to indicate that it is possible?

But if the entire dungeon is a single volumetric geometry, then that means that I can't use scene graph quadtree sorting, is that correct? I would have to split it up into a quad of multiple connected geometries?

Please let me know if I'm hideously misinformed here.  :expressionless:

And… the above link says you can move vertices in a pre-defined model, but does jME expose methods to create NEW geometries?


If you ask "Can it be done?", then the answer is always yes.

You mean something like this?

Maybe hard to see, but there is a dungeon pretty much like in dungeon keeper. And in this game, you walk around in shining armour and try to defeat the evil monsters :wink:

So sure, it can be done :slight_smile: