Is this PhysicsRigidBodyControl depritiated?


In most of available jmonkey examples, PhysicsRigidBodyControl class have been used. Now I am just following the code sample to make a walking charater, in there also I noticed this class have been used when creating Terrian.

But it is not available with the libraries which have been packed with jME3_SDK_Alpha-3. Is this class depretiated ?

When I explore the relavant com.jme3.bullet.control package, it only provides me the PhysicsRagdollControl class. But in the SVN I could find more classes in there including PhysicsRigidBodyControl. What is the reason for this ?

What is the alternative class that could be used instead of PhysicsRigidBodyControl ?


If you downloaded the alpha 3 release, then your on an old version from november last year: rigidbodycontrol was added later

Alpha-4 is now here, deinstall your old jmonkeyplatform if you are using it, and install the new version.

If your not using jmp then you have to get the latest binaries/sources by yourself from the nightly svn builds

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