Isometric Games

Does anyone have docs/info/guidance for starting an isometric game? Kinda like Bang! Howdy.

What exactly are you looking for? Camera handling?

Hi erlend,

Humm I guess where to start.

Was kinda hoping for a how to use jME to create a game maybe with a isometric example.

I can go through the tutorials and get a feel for a 3D game but wasn't sure if there was certain things I should focus on for an isometric one.

I wanted to make it cartoon shaded or cell shaded, so any help/examples on how to do that would be great.

Anything on when the camera is set isometric if there are performance tricks I can do to make the game run really fast, I'm guessing I can make 2D models that stay oriented to the camera instead of 3D models? or if I'm using a cartoon type of render does that even matter?

Trying to get my feet wet but not sure which end of the pool to jump into first, damn that quarter at the deep end trying to lure me in :slight_smile: