Issue importing XML files

Having issues importing (mesh/skeleton/material).xml files from using OgreExporter within Maya2015 and using the Ogreconverter to change from binary to xml, with Jmonkey saying it is a improper or incorrect file format.
I used a previous mel script that worked for meshes only. I’ve taken both into notepad to look over the source, but the commands are correct, but the formatting structure is different.

The Toad2 is from the Ogre converter, and the insectman from the Mel script which loads correctly. Any chance that the format is making the importation failing?

Looking at the base xml code more, it looks like the mel script exporter assigns a different vertex number for each face(ie, no repeating v"numbers". while the Ogre exporter reuses vertex number as it pertains to the actual amount of vertex the models has.

A better approach for importing model would be using OpenCollada exporter for maya then import it in blender , save as .blend file then import it to JME and convert to .j3o inside SDK. it is the best approach for me using for 3dsmax models .

But does that work with animations? I didn’t think you could export animations from blender.

It works perfectly. But you have to bake inverse kinematic animations as JME understands only forward kinematic (btw, ogre exporter does it without you noticing or understanding).

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Yes of course you can import animation.
For baking IK animation, from the pose menu select Animation → Bake action with “Clear constraints” and “visual keying” checked.