Issue Tracker

Just to confirm – is the GitHub issue tracker now the canonical place for issues?

Most of the documentation still points to Google Code for the tracker, i.e. Programmer’s Contribution Guidelines and How to report bugs. The homepage for the Google Code repo says the source code was migrated, but doesn’t specifically mention the issue tracker. The GitHub repo has issues as early as March 2014, while Google Code has issues as late as July 2014. doesn’t specifically mention the GitHub issue tracker, but I’m assuming that’s what it means.

Even putting a small “NOTE” thing at the top of the wikis to inform the reader to use the GitHub tracker (if that’s indeed the case) would be helpful. I can do that if others think it’d be helpful.


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Yes, please do that

@normen I’ve updated the “How to report bugs” wiki with a warning on top. Feel free to tweak it, of course…

The “Programmer’s Contribution Guidelines” page isn’t actually a wiki; I’m unable to edit it. That page is a little more minor anyway because it only mentions Google Code in the very last paragraph, though I suspect the rest will eventually need a rewrite to reflect GitHub’s Pull Request pattern.