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Hi, I’ve been hanging out on jMonkey and its forum for a while (maybe you noticed me for my insistence xD) and I was wondering how I could participate in the project, I wanted to ask if an Italian translation of the documentation could be useful, in particular of the following two documents:
Scene Graph for Dummies
Math for Dummies


I wrote the documentation for the Minie project in English. Minie isn’t officially part of JMonkeyEngine, but it’s closely coupled to the project.

Would you be interested in translating Minie documentation into Italian?


Yes, I’d be very interested, I just need a hand to know how to do it, should I clone a repo? And instead for the two presentations that I mentioned in the first post where can I find them that can be modified?

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I’ll set up a new GitHub project for the translation and give you write access.
EDIT: Here’s the new project: Minie-site-it

Do you have an account at GitHub?

yes, on github i’m gattolfo98

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You can find the files here on the jMonkeyEngine wiki repository in png formats, everything is open:

Are there no editable files? I guess before being images it was a presentation (powerpoint style), editing images takes time for a good result

Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a ready editable format.

I’ve invited you to collaborate on the Minie-site-it project.

The files to be translated have the “.adoc” extension, indicating Asciidoc markup. They’re found in 3 folders/directories:

  • src/site/antora/minie-project/modules/ROOT
  • src/site/antora/minie-project/modules/ROOT/pages
  • src/site/antora/tutorials/modules/minie-library-tutorials/pages

For details about Asciidoc, see the writer’s manual.

Asciidoc can be edited using any text editor (such as Notepad, Wordpad, Nvi, etcetera).
If you desire a WYSIWYG editor, I suggest Atom.

To generate the (Italian) website locally, you’ll need to install Node.js.

Of course you’ll also want to clone the project from GitHub:

  1. git clone
  2. cd Minie-site-it

You should then edit “src/site/antora/playbook.yml” and replace “/home/sgold/NetBeansProjects/Minie-site-it” with an absolute path to your checkout directory (3 places).

Once all that’s done, you should be able to (re-)generate the site as HTML using the following command: npx antora src/site/antora/playbook.yml

After a successful build, the generated local copy of the Italian site will be found in the “build/site” directory.

Perfect, tomorrow night I’ll start taking a look at it, thanks a lot!

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