(January 2016) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

Guten tag! Well I used default jme particle emitters since I couldn’t get anything else to look quite right from all angles. I’m still not quite satisfied with it, but I’ve got more pressing matters at the moment :smile:

Thank you so much, but I can’t oblige quite yet! Although I am “planning” to release a demo for you guys to test out on the 23. of February or at least that week. It’s the 1st anniversary of me starting to learn 3D graphics and writing the first line of code for this project. Was still in JavaFX back then haha.

Awesome! One suggestion though, try setting the wheels to smooth shading in blender (if you use it), should look much better.

I’ll try that out, thanks!

A board game called “Marbles” - an abandoned project I had to resume (and must complete before February 24th, argh!). Game logic is almost finished, can’t wait to switch from the debug graphic to this one (which still lacks pretty much everything lol)


I really like it because it looks so soft.

Some news from Alchimist, my entity editor. I added the OpenRTS terrain editor and everything is (quite) woring well so far. Note the map has become infinite, you can expand the land wherever you want.

Here is a quick and dirty digged cavern.