(January 2016) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

Happy new year,guys!


A little model i’m working during those new year’s days.


I’m back on one of my old projects to see if I can get my inspiration back. I’m in a real need of models at this point and some basic furniture that fit the style I’m working with would do me well.

I’ve done some slight improvements already it’s not much but here’s a before an after so far.

Might even resurrect the old project thread if I make some serious progress…

Thanks for reading.


Continuing the trend of forcing JME to render boring 2D applications… :wink:

As a break from my Mythruna work this week, I’ve continued to poke at my little 2D tile-based test app that I used to test some networking stuff in Zay-ES-Net and JME (all fixed so far, by the way). I had the idea that it should be possible to take 3D block-style data and use some logic to figure out what tile to render for a particular grid cell.

I’ll remind everyone now that I didn’t make this tileset. It’s not the kind I would have made anyway but it’s free and expansive. (It’s this one: http://kenney.nl/assets/roguelike-rpg-pack) So if you think something like “Neat idea but the tileset is lame.” Well… it was free and makes a great test case. You also have to understand that Kenney’s stuff is all styled very similarly and that’s good in its own way… but I digress.

Here are the results of my efforts so far:

That world is generated from a truncated block world, basically. It finds the proper tile to use based on the surrounding blocks and so on.

To do that, I wrote a quick and dirty tileset editor that lets me map specific tiles to various edge configurations.

For example, here are all of the various edge configurations to consider:

The editor I wrote allows me to pull up a tileset, extract a group of tiles, and then map it to the various configurations. Here is the editor in action:

That swing app took me about 8 hours to write, I guess… my Swing muscles have not been used in a while but apparently my Swing-fu is still strong. :slight_smile:


Made a video for my current project. I really want this one to go places so I think I’m going to make this my flagship project for awhile.

The video is a bit blurry and I could probably do better. But it’s what I have for now.


@BigBob nice work looks promising, my project is about dark cave too so we need a torsh light, the trick I need here, to make player arm move to direct it
here is my WIP

I used skeleton control to make the arm follow the camera


If theres a bone in the hand (which is a common thing to make an attachment bone) then you can actually attach the torch object to the bone itself.

Of course getting the camera to aim the bone properly is the hard part.

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it will be part of the model, this is a quick temp model I did for testing only,

Pushed beyond the limits of JME and 32 bit physics and created a true scale opened space MMO game.

Big thanks to pspeed for helping me on my camera pivot code!


OOhhhh … I wanna see a video of your space sim. Looks real cool in the pic.

I will create a fly through video at the end of the week and post it here.

Now that looks pretty damn impressive if everything is really in 1:1 scale.

It is … Unfortunately, due to our crappy 32 bit jbullet capabilities … Hopefully someone can bribe pspeed to share his 64 bit jbullet port, I am forces to chunk the world at the solar system level. Life would be so much easier if we had a 64 bit physics port.

Oh … there is already a 64bit (double float) bullet branch? That’s cool.
Good to know, hope it’s not slow, makes a fluent show, world sizes can grow and Homer sayz D’Oh…

@pspeed has nothing to do with this, it’s @Empire_Phoenix. And I think his port is open source and available on github isn’t it?

I never followed it to the end, but it is doable yes. I switched to native bullet quite some time ago, and currently deal only in 32 bit.

Here’s another in game shot for those that are wondering about scale :smile: … and yes those are animated clouds :slight_smile:


This is just a demonic Toad simulator I occasionally work on when I’m bored:

@zissis Your game looks awesome! I’d love to see a video of it in action.


Some news about Alchimist, the entity editor working with @pspeed’s Zay-ES.

After a lot of refactoring, I’ve included a jMonkey scene graph explorer, visible on the right tab. It allows user to inspect the scene in real time and get details on a Spatial with a single click.

Very usefull ^^


as always very nice images of everyones JME projects!

Here is a screenshot of my game “POW! Psyched on Wintersports”:

It shows the current state of the user interface of the integrated map editor. I’ve built a custom GUI system from the ground up, as I need in-depth control over every aspect and it actually was a fun learning experience for me (most of the time).

You can follow the games development at: powgame.net


Inb4 Skiing Tycoon :smile: