(January 2016) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

Suppose I should try and put something in here as well. Learning to use Substance Painter as I’ve managed to put some colour on this step ladder.

I also had to create a new texture export configuration for Substance Painter to export JME3 compatible Blinn-Phong type textures rather than the standard PBR textures.


So I realised that there is an official fog filterpostprocessor and immediately decided that I need to test it out. After very little adjustments my nebulas now have volumetric fog which brings them so much more to life. I can’t believe how well it fits…

This is about as thick as I made it go, of course it changes depending on how deep inside you are and disperses as you leave the cloud.

Thank you @nehon for making this awesome filter :smile:

I’ve also made a new model for the laser cannon, this time a sphere based one so it can rotate and follow your aim and also fixed some aiming code which was way off.


I was about to put nebulas into my game this week. Now that I see the cool filter effect I will do the same with my nebulas. Thanks for sharing this cool effect!!

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Stone golem will crush you!


You’re welcome :wink:

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While you’re at it, check out [this other post][1] too maybe, it’s about a tutorial I found on nebulas. You probably know this already, but if not then hey its a cool trick :smiley:
[1]: 3D Nebula Graphics (How-to)

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@MoffKalast those nebulas look gorgeous… any idea if that could work on android?

I don’t see a reason why they wouldn’t, but keep in mind having lots of quads additively blended isn’t really a recipe for high framerate. I don’t really know how well the fog filter performs, but most games use it to conceal a low render distance so it should be really fast to run on even most low end systems.

But to be sure we’d have to ask @nehon if he did any testing…

post processing on android used to be very crappy even for simple things… but you know… progress and things like this could make me wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually built my nebula shader from reading that old post. Threw in some glow effects and moving smoke soft particles for effect. With the addition of the fog it will be complete.

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Overview of offices and shops, all are new models that I’ve created during the holidays.

Room under construction. It’s the same ladder model as @DannyJo is texturing in Substance Painter.

Office and shop are two new room types that have been added to Skylimit Tycoon. The lobby light is now automatically adjusted as you expand your floor or build rooms. The mod editor has been improved with support for JavaScript editing with syntax highlighting and viewing models in different daylight.

Our devlog 9 is available at https://hub.kendanware.com/t/skylimit-tycoon-javascript-modding-and-lighting-9/48

Enjoy! :smiley:


Video ! Video ! Video !


Project name: Simple 3d builder
Website: None
Status: Alpha testing

I wanted to make a an engine that would allow you to create games entirely with an visual editor. This project has a long ways to go but it has come a long way since I envisioned it. Currently I have support for first person style games. I have added automatic object physics and render sorting. I also have an item system. My next two goals are a visual 2d interface and an entity system. Once that is complete I’m going to work on 3rd person style game controls.

The way the engine works is you use custom object attributes (custom user data) to tell the engine how to handle each object. I built the following test scene in about 10 minutes. The only thing I had to do was position the object and add a few custom attributes. All of this was done in the Jmonkey scene editor.



Thx for your answers, MoffKalast and nehon

At last we have a our main game character, it the fourth iterations, some issues was technical others are artistic.
It has skeleton and animation as well.

Yes, he is not young guy with Spiky hair and big sword ;). he is 60 years old, heavy smoking make him looks much older, it is more art not related to game engine, so I displayed it in JME scene viewer


…some shots from scene editor…output of editor is not any form of playable game, but ‘scene file’ which is then loaded within code editor (SDK) and all data set inside editor are on disposal to programmer to easy create gameplay…it manages everything from lights, collisions, shadows, AI, etc…only game GUI is not part of this tool…its WIP, but most of features already works…


Hey Ecco,
I’m interested in the color picker (because I need something like that for my over-next project).
How’d you make that? :chimpanzee_smile:

sorry I did not get what is that?
is it a scene Editor you made? or it is something you use?
and what is the format generated from it? and could be used Out of the box with JME.

Nice and smooth video :slight_smile: What screen capturing software did you use?


I’m working on a model viewer using JME as graphics engine for my degree project,i still have to design more appropriate buttons and implement filters.