(January 2020) Monthly WIP Screenshot Thread

I didn’t really expect to be the one starting this thread…!

Oh noes! A monkey got loose in my editor! Anyone have any suggestions on his care and feeding?


Looks like feeding him won’t be a problem… He needs a workout! And some fresh air! Unfortunately, he does not have his clothes (or bones) yet.

And he can’t get out.

The editor isn’t really my work, though I now help manage the ongoing updates… This is Art Of Illusion, and I can now import (parts of) the j3o file format.

Next: materials & armature. Then export. (Which should be easier, since I’ll have the importer for reference)

Not quite to an ‘MVP’ stage, but will be posted on GitHub soon.


I was actually going to start the thread myself, but I realized you just made it :laughing:

Regardless, I’ve been working with jme3-vr after getting my Oculus Rift-S, and I’m having real fun using it.

I decided to remake a basic game I’ve made a while back called ‘Techn0Haunt’, but in VR, and the progress is going fast (as expected, as most of the work is ctrl c + ctrl v). I just need to add a way to see what used to be GUI into the vr game. I’m thinking either text on your hand, or a gigantic billboard.

Snapshot 2 (1-8-2020 9-06 PM) Snapshot 1 (1-8-2020 9-05 PM)

I made a little recording of some early gameplay while I was sitting down in a chair, and uploaded it to reddit.


I am still plugging away at terranova. I am pretty happy with the way the heightmap generator turned out. I still plan to add a more advanced noise based generator, but this additive layered noise generator with 1-n layers works pretty nicely. Will probably commit alpha release to github tonight or tomorrow :grinning:


Play the game!

For extensive updates. Follow me on twitter.


I just wanted to say that I’ve grown a lot as a games creator.

And thanks to everyone who has ever contributed to open source software, or made tech blog posts.


Combining JME-TTF with Minie to generate letter-shaped physics objects. Alphabet soup, anyone?


I finished an atmosphere shader for my strategy game.
Although a cloud generator is still missing. Don’t really know how to do it.


Good job, you could use some noise for the clouds, eg. worley noise.
Regarding the colors, it looks like u are not using HDR (or simply use power function to tonemap the color) as the later pictures got too much white color.

Than you for the hint. Voronoi noise seems interestig.
But i have to scrap the shader since it’s not fitting my intention with the game :expressionless:

I posted a shader for planetary clouds many years ago:

It’s very rudimentary, but I just checked code and it worked with a few minor fixes (like using floats instead of ints). I can push it to a repo if necessary.