JAR Files for an Eclipse Project

Hey Guys!

Absolute beginner here! I am trying to learn how to develop a game with JME.

So, I was going to set up JME in Eclipse because due to my actual project regulations we need to use Eclipse and are not allowed to use the JME SDK itself. And at the tutorial page it is very well explained how to achieve that (https://jmonkeyengine.github.io/wiki/jme3/setting_up_jme3_in_eclipse.html)

But my problem is, that at the given download link at this site, I don’t find the three described folders like /lib /testchooser and /doc . In the ZIP as well as in the jmonkeyengine-macos.tgz file are a bunch of other things, except of a folder with the JAR files.

So my question is, where to find them?

Thank you for your answers!

Hello @TheBlackBird and welcome to the Forum!

You can find and download the latest version here:

Just download the .zip file and add the JARs you need to your Project.

Note that if you want to use bullet-physics you have to remove jbullet.jar else there will be conflicts. There are both versions of bullet included: jBullet (old one) and native-bullet (newer, faster).

I hope you get it to work.

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Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for!

Thank you :blush:

Or even better: Use Maven in eclipse and then something like org.jmonkeyengine.jme3-core etc pp (you will find a listing of all those either in the sdk’s build.gradle file or online).

Technically you only need jme3-core and jme3-desktop, but then jme3-bullet and jme3-bullet-native for physics, etc (but thats the same when using the zip file)

I updated the wiki for this. I updated it to point to the engine itself rather than the SDK since this looked to me to be the original intent of the wiki page and its only 156 mb compared to the SDK of 371 mb.


TestChooser.exe only exists in the 3.0 version so I changed the reference to it to the jMonkeyEngine.jar which has the test classes.

I don’t use eclipse so I am not sure if everything is correct for configuration. If not let me know and I will fix it.

This link to the jMonkeyEngine 3 — Source Structure page would require me to build the engine to find out if there is any changes to be made and I don’t want to do that.

Someone has did some strike-through that should be removed for clarity, opinions?


If someone sees a problem with it let me know so I can fix it.

@mitm Thank you! Up until now everything is working fine for me in Eclipse!
@Darkchaos I never worked with Maven before, but I will consider to use it next time :slight_smile: Thanks for the tip!

Then you might consider saving yourself a bunch of headache and just skip over it and go straight to gradle “next time”. Maven only did one good thing for this world and that was give us “maven repos” (which gradle happily uses)… other than that it’s a pretty crappy tool.

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Which is actually what I meant, Eclipse can pull jars from maven repos.

It saves you time and especially updating the Version is trivial