I miss the java.awt.Color in my project. Can someone indicate in which lib I can find it ?

Thx !

It’s built into Java. If you have Java then you have it.

…so your problem must really be something else…

I guess he forgot to tell that he’s on android. He’s the type who expects everybody to be in his head :wink:

Ah… so the problem is not using the Android forum :slight_smile:

I do have to wonder what’s missing from ColorRGBA that awt.Color has…

Actually I didn’t think it was linked in any way to Android… I thought is was only Java linked Oo.

Then I don’t know what you are asking.


when I run my Android app, I have a log error saying that the java.awt.Color is missing. So I’d like to know what I have to add to the project to solve this.

But I made the same app work on Android and I had no trouble with colors. And now when I try to use the AndroidHarness it returns this error.

(Btw, as it seems to be an Android problem, shall I create a topic in the Android part ?)

So it is an Android issue.

java.awt.Color is part of Java. If you have Java then you have it. If you don’t have Java then you don’t.

Android is not Java.