Java.lang.Error: Cannot create window: Could not find a valid pixel format

Guys, please, somebody help me with this, What do I have to do?
The only thing that happen is that appears the property window (the happy monke window), and when I click OK button, baaaam, it just dissapear.
I will really appreciate your help.

What test or program are you running? What OS/platform? What videocard?

And, you can try the webstarts on the mainpage, see if these work.

Ok, I have  128MB in RAM, a 900MHZ CPU, with a 8MBvideo card caps.; I know this is going to sound weird, but a classmate has a lamest machine and it runs!, So.....I don

A friend of me had the same problem. After hier installed the new ATI drivers it works.

Maybe it's a problem of your current opengl drivers.

Like madlion says, try updating your drivers. But "8MBvideo card" sounds very old. Your card has to support OpenGL/LWJGL for running jME. You can try to see if you can get the demos on this page to work:

Ok, guys, here

Well it was a short and glorious career :smiley:

How old the PC is shouldn't matter that much. (I've used jME on a 800 mhz PC for many months). But the videocard is very important. Like I said, you could try the LWJGL demos on the link I gave (it's only a few clicks). If they fail, then it's not a jME bug or something, but a problem with your videocard. But yes, it's very unlikely they will work.

Keep in mind though, a new videocard capable or running jME wouldn't have to cost more than 50$ or so, less even.