Java Stops Responding when attempting to move JDialog with a context in it

I am moving from a beta version of JME to the Release version and I am experiencing an issue.

I have a JME Application in a JDialog as supplemental asset to my Swing application.

Since changing to the Release version of JME I am having an issue with Java stop responding when the JDialog gains focus from clicking on the decorated title bar in an attempt to relocate the Dialog.

If I click on the Canvas first to give the Dialog focus then relocate the dialog using the title bar everything works.

If I click on the JME Dialog Title bar and the window did not have focus then Java freezes and I have to force quit.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?
Is there a way of simulating a mouse click on the canvas as soon as the Dialog gains focus?

Thank you for any input.

Well you could use a robot cloass for the click, but that is certainly an very ugly workaround.