Java Swing ScrollView Equivelant in lemur

Is there any equivalent in lemur, or should I just scale everything to fit on the screen?

If it’s just trying to include a “bigger than the screen” thing on the screen then it’s pretty trivial to hook up a couple of scroll bars to the local translation of a node.

If you want a clipped view that scrolls around with scroll bars then you can build one with a ViewPort… and by hooking the scroll bars up to local translation of the ViewPort’s root as described above.

As for a general solution included in Lemur, the issue has been that JME provides no clipping (even though OpenGL supports it). And to be fair, I’ve tried to add it a couple times but it’s trickier than you’d think.

The ViewPort solution is ok for a one-off but it’s not a general solution as it has a lot of limitations in how it interacts with other elements and so on.