Java(TM) Platform SE Binary crashes over and over again

Hey guys,

I just started working with the jm3 and already there is a problem :D.

After the first run of my File the same warning message keeps coming back, at least once every minute:

“Java™ Platform SE Binary doesn’t work anymore”. I can quit the message without problems and the jm3 is running still, but it is very annoying to see this message over and over again.

I use Windows 7, if this is important.

Hope you can help me :).


More informations plz. Also you have current drivers?

What is “my File”… Project?

There is no such thing as TMI when you ask for help. (Except for the DirectX’s diag pastings. THAT is too much unless asked for).

My 2c.

Yeah, I have current drivers.

Don’t know what information you need…

But maybe I got the problem. And with “my File” I mean only my java-code.