Just dropping in and spam… I mean, let you know that the Java4K competition is under way :slight_smile: Those who are bored can create a nifty little 4k game with Java2d over the holidays! :slight_smile:



Can we use jME? :stuck_out_tongue:

irrisor said:

Can we use jME? :P

If you can fit the jME library into a 4KB game :)

Maybe we should have a JME variant sometime.

Like err… a game with a limit of 4k triangles!

should be just like the 4k, lwjgl and many other demo competitions, where you can use a set of libraries but the client code has to be 4k maximum…

4kb for 3D is good, but with nice textures?

I like the 64kb demos/games ;)

Inspired by the 4K …

I have restarted my texture project …

first screen here: