Javac: invalid target release: 1.5?

I have checked out the current version from cvs with eclipse 3.2.

run the ant script file inside eclipse.

and …

javac: invalid target release: 1.5

Ant run with Jsdk 1.5 tools.jar

Help please !!!

It sounds like you're trying to compile jme with a 1.4 jdk.

Be sure that your JAVA_HOME is set to a 1.5 jdk.


it's bull shit to set JAVA_HOME in Users Profile permanently, if eclipseIDE can handle this for you and the workstation has more then one JDK installed for development.

Ok. SET JAVA_HOME works on console now, but eclipse-ant don't work.

Also make sure that JAVA_HOME/bin is in your PATH as well…

Another thing you may want to check in eclipse is that eclipse actually knows about the jre you want.

Windows -> Preferences,

Java -> Installed JREs.  Ensure that your 1.5 jdk is listed.

yes, Eclipse is set to JDK5 and only to JDK5

EclipseANT run with JDK5

the build-file does not work in Eclipse as before. Previews version from CVS running perfectly on the same installation/configuration of eclipse. I checked out the current and it does nothing… Invalid target release blablabla …

the same on a shell build the jme-cvs.

>set JAVA_HOME=PathToJava5

>ant compile

>all ready

In Eclipse i can run successfully all tests directly from workspace, but the build-file does'nt  work.

I go to write my own buildfile and cancel the checkout of the original ones from cvs and it works.


please check the build-file on a system, that has more then one JDK installed and Java5 not as the default.

Hmm, I have pretty much the same exact setup as you, but it works for me.

Look at one more thing please.

In Windows -> preferences

Ant -> runtime

Click on the classpath tab and expand Global Entries.  Does that refer to the java5 tools.jar?

I've had the same problem you have, and it always comes down to some classpath issue somewhere.

By the way, I tried changing my installed jre back to 1.4 and all it did was break the incremental compiles.  Ant was still able to build, so it's something else.