Javac v gcj

I haven’t been here in a while i’ve been setting up my linux box but I’m about to get back into eclipse I wanted to know however the differnce between sun java and gnu gcj can anyone shed some light on gcj i understand that its an AOT and that its last update on its homepage is in 2007. Does anyone know if it being an AOT can be beneficial to change my projects to gcj instead of javac. Also if i may ask for some odd reason eclipse seems slower on Debian than on windows can anyone shed some light on it (originally gcj was the default java so in eclipse it linked to its folder as default jre, however since i was having issues compiling some things in java since it couldn’t find some of the natural libraries apparently I deleted all java components including gcj and jvm and re downloaded java) :mrgreen:


An optimiser for Java. Unravelling the acronym takes a little doing. GCJ stands for GCC Java. In unix, the command line name for the C compiler is ‘cc’. GCC is the GNU cc. GNU itself stands recursively for: GNU Not Unix. gcj is the Java front end to the GNU Compiler Collection (gcc). It can read .java and .class files. It can generate object code or .class code. gcj comes with its own runtime, which on some platforms includes a (slow) bytecode interpreter. The class libraries are still incomplete. gcj will appear in the upcoming gcc 3.0 release. Snapshots and the like are available for the curious.

another AOT i found was



Had any luck with GJC?

GCJ works with jme, I managed to compile stuff… But if you think your app is going to be faster because its native code you’re wrong. The GC implementations for GCJ are not very good and the optimized JVM’s nowadays optimize the heck out of bytecode.

The only benefit you have is like the first few seconds before the hotspots are compiled. so would make sense for a short lived console application. For a game less.