JavaDoc in Eclipse

I was wondering how to get jMonkey’s Javadoc into Eclipse. Could some-one give an example?

The wiki mentions it but doesn’t really give instructions how to do it -

Some-one posted on how to add sources for jars in Eclipse, and apparently adding javadoc is similar (although I still can’t seem to get it to work).

Could some-one give an example? Maybe for vecmath?

Well, the I’ve found out that attaching the source does make the JavaDoc information appear (I’m guessing it’s because it’s within the code).

Before I was thinking I had to do something with the , but apparently not.

It would be nice if there was some way to add the sources to all the jMonkey libraries all at once…but I guess it’s not too bad doing it for the ten or so libraries needed.

As an example to anyone who also has trouble:

  1. Right click on your project, click on Build Path, click on Configure Build Path

  2. Click on the small arrow to the left of jME3-core.jar and then click on Source attachment: (None)

  3. Click the Edit… button on the right

  4. Click on External location

  5. Click the External Folder… button

  6. Browse to the jMonkeyEngine/src and select core (not core-data). (The jMonkey Engine source can be gotten here via SVN from this repository )

  7. Click OK

8)Click OK

  1. Click OK

Now everything in the core jMonkey library (like SimpleApplication) is documented in Eclipse!

You can do the same for the other libraries.

If you are using an external build system, it can usually generate eclipse config stuff for you.
(And if you don’t know what i mean with external build system, just ignore this post for now, you will make contact soon enough ^^)