JavaGameNetworking 1.05 Released

I know there are many of you here that grace the JGN forums and many that do not.  However, I wanted to take a moment to post a little message on here letting everyone know that JGN 1.05 has been released.  This release contains various performance and feature enhancements.  JGN now provides stable UDP and TCP messaging via non-blocking IO.  Along with JGN you can download the PhysicsNetworking API which is a light-weight wrapper around JGN to provide physics synchronization with the jME-Physics project.

There are a number of examples in the source code for the project and hundreds of messages on the forum discussing utilization of the API, but if that’s not enough drop a message on the forum if you’re interested in something specific and you’re sure to get some help.  :slight_smile:

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Alright, enough shameless advertising.