Jayfella projects

I have been getting back into some of my old projects and have found that all the jayfella libraries/projects were taken down or made private on github (WHAT an open source NO NO! but that is another issue…)

I have taken the source for these projects and mavenized them for my use, but I am thinking it would benefit the community if these projects were still available. They are all licensed BSD 3 clause just like JME3 so that should not be any issue. Does anyone have any opinion one way or the other on this? I was thinking of just putting them back in github as maven projects and releasing jars to maven central. Any other ideas?


This sounds like a fantastic idea, though there already exist mirrors of several of his projects - if you want to avoid having multiple mirrors of the same project, you could reach out to those hosting the clones to publish maven packages from those.

I think all of his libraries are archived here (and there are definitely private duplicates of some of these): jME (Archive) · GitHub.

Actually, that might be a better idea. The main thing for me is having them available so maven can pull them into the project. I copied source into maven projects and made new poms so I can install them to my local repository. Would be nice if these were in maven central, however they get there.

I absolutely agree - these would be far more useful if they were readily in Maven. The only other alternative to manually building is JitPack and I’m not sure how much folks use that in practice.

I maintain the jme-jfx repo now. It contains several major improvements over the jayfellas old repo.
tlf30/jme-jfx: A up-to-date fork of the jme-jfx library. Compatible with jme 3.4.0 and javafx 12+. (github.com)


I did find that and convert to it a little earlier. Works great and didn’t have to make any changes. Thanks!

I’ve forked jme-vehicles and made a library from it, which is available at Maven Central: GitHub - stephengold/jme-vehicles: A tech demo and library for jMonkeyEngine vehicles