jBullet almost 9 years outdated

…which to me, is the right answer in the end no matter what.

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All it would take is one person with the time, skills, and inclination to push the project forward. Perhaps you’re that person, or can become that person.

I wish, but I am far to busy to take on something like that. On another note, I noticed that NVIDIA PhysX is now opensource (BSD)? Releases · NVIDIAGameWorks/PhysX-3.4 · GitHub

Also noticed some talk about it over at LWJGL…

I have never done a JNI binding before, but I am curious as to if it would be doable to bring in PhysX support to jme3.

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Totally possible. And it’s been done:

My JMonkey year 2016 - little essay

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JNI is like wrapper functions. you can do everything with it. the only problem is that you need convert params like jInt as int(its just casting) but some of like jString require functions to change param to cpp related data type.

you also need clear this variables at the end, to avoid memory overflow. (there java garbage collector cant work magically like in java itself)

im not master of it, but already made 2 apps that mix c and java.

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Just a heads up regarding JNI, Project Panama will be next generation replacement to JNI

I think it is what LWJGL guys are aiming for LWJGL 4.


They should rather finally release lwjgl3 for arm, so it runs on raspberry pi’s :smiley:

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Nice that there seems to be effort going into that. Seems to based on the JNR experiment from a few years ago.

Do they document anywhere approximately when this might land? I’ve always found the OpenJDK site to be a bit opaque…

I don’t know about release date. Seems they have not announced a due date for it yet.

Just a note, there is an issue over at LWJGL for PhysX: PhysX bindings · Issue #124 · LWJGL/lwjgl3 · GitHub


Stumbled upon a fork jbullet. Maybe someone will be useful. jbullet

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