JDK not installed?

WARNING: If complete noobs offend you in any way it is strongly recommended you leave this page.

I’ve only just started using JME today and every time I launch it tells me I need to have JDK or netbeans won’t work…no I don’t know what that means, could someone clarify? And also how do I get that, because that sounds important.

Secondly, whenever I make a new project (in following the tutorial) it says there should be a ‘skeleton project’ in the project explorer…there doesn’t seem to be anything there, and when I try to open a project I can only see folders…help?

Thanks for listening…easy on the new guy, please :stuck_out_tongue:

jMonkeyEngine is a Java game library and software development platform (bunch of tools integrated with a special Netbeans, ie: an integrated development environment , AKA: IDE).

It requires that you know how to program Java. It requires that a Java Development Kit (JDK) is installed.

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That should be good to get it going.

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Haha … Nah no one would get offended if you ask for genuine assitance here I think. I am pretty new to jME myself, but I am a java programmer. As the other members have pointed out, you need to know java programming to use jME, it is not a GUI only tool to develop 3D applications or games. It would be good if you give us a lil detail about what exactly you are looking for with jME. For immediate help though, you can go through the following links to familiarize yourself with the requirements first.


Specifying the JDK location

What’s an IDE?

And if you have not yet installed the JDK itself, here is the link for that. Because you would need the JDK (Java Development Kit), and not only the JRE (Java Runtime Environment). You should download “Java SE Development Kit 6 Update 32”.

Link: Download Java SE Development Kit 6 Update 32 (download the 32 bit version according to your platform, i.e, windows, linux, solaris)

After all that is done, this is the best place to start exploring jME itself : Documentation and Tutorials

If you are facing ANY kind of trouble doing all that, feel free to ask here again.

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