JDK8 and JME Problem

Hi there.
Hi updated to idk 8 and now I can’t use some of jme, is there a quick fix for this?
thank you very much.


You can not use jme SDK with jdk8 (lot of smalls issues). But you can can use jme libs with jdk8 and an IDE (or text editor) that support jdk8.

What problems do you have ?

Sure you can use the SDK with Java 8

To use JDK8 with SDK, you should :

  1. use your jdk8 to launch the SDK (see Specifying the JDK location in wiki / sdk:troubleshooting
  2. register a platform in the SDK for jdk8
  3. use this platform with your project.

I couldn’t use thing like the scene editor nor even start a new jme project.
JME essencialy turned into a simple NetBeans IDE.

Thanks for the help, though I’m not sure what you meant, but don’t bother, I’m on windows now as I don’t really feel like troubleshooting right now.

Thanks non the less.