JGN and ON

Okay guys, I don’t know if any of you have seen them yet, but I’ve got both of my networking APIs listed in games-middleware on Java.net now so you should all take a look at them and give me some constructive criticism. :slight_smile:



The ODENetworking API is not quite finished yet although I added a major new feature to JavaGameNetworking and it seems to be working incredibly fast and incredibly stable.  I’ll give you an update when ODENetworking is completed and I’ll try to provide a Client implementation API for jME-Physics to use it simply very soon afterwards.




i cant compile TestHelloMessage.java from com.captiveimagination.jgn.test…

junit.framework don

Oh, my bad, thanks for that I'll get it put in tonight.

In mean time you can download jUnit from junit.org.