jGrasp and Java

Hi all! I’m new to this forum and this is my first (of many, I hope) post. I’ve recently acquired jme and compiled it on my XP box. Very cool stuff! I hope to contribute and swat bugs as soon as I can get my head wrapped around the source. Which leads me to the reason for this post.

I don’t know how many developers know about this little gem of a program, but I consider it indispensable when working in Java. It’s called jGrasp and you find it here: http://www.jgrasp.org/index.html

It’s simpler than Eclipse and not as heavy.

It runs natively under Java, includes debugger, editor, project manager and a TON of very useful features, UML diagram generation, Complexity graphing and a whole bunch more (check out the CSD feature). Once you get into the features, you’ll find that you can scrutinize your Java code down to the finest level.

It’s free and being maintained/developed/improved all the time. The learning curve is fairly shallow and it can certainly augment any other Java tools you may already have in your arsenal.

Give it a shot and see… :slight_smile:

Welcome, Jeff. Hope you enjoy your time here… although you aren’t going to convince me to drop my Eclipse. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Jgrasp looks like an interesting tool.

I was unable to even tell what Eclipse is from its web page (“Eclipse is a kind of universal tool platform - an open extensible IDE for anything and nothing in particular.” – when they figure out what they made, maybe I’ll check it out! :slight_smile: )

IDEA is in many ways the best IDE I’ve ever seen (now that Apple has ruined NeXT’s Interface Builder), and I’m glad it is a Java tool.

It would be worth having an IDEA person “lay hands on” the code tree ever month or so, if only to optimize imports. With other tools, these enhancements never occur because they take forever and invite errors. With IDEA, you hit a button and they happen in a blink across a huge codebase. It’s a thing of beauty!


it also costs money! :smiley:

Most of the tools we are using right now optimize imports and detect unused fields, methods, etc. What else does it do?

CVS with IDEA is so nautral. So is ant and GUI (although I never use any IDE’s gui for portability). They are part of the IDE total design, not just plugins or afterthoughts. IDEA is also incretibly smart as far is hotkeys to allow it to quickly add javadoc/hotkeys/quickcheck doc sanity ect, and it has options for about a million refractering checks. By just opening documents in jME IDEA has spotted javadoc errors and unused variables. I’ve looked thru Eclipse very very throughly and I’ld -rather- use it as it’s free, but IDEA is just that much better :slight_smile: I know lots of long time Eclipse users that have switched to IDEA. I know nobody that used IDEA then switched to Eclipse. On the other hand, Eclipse has a very strong plugin base unlike IDEA and there is probably a plugin to do god knows everything. I’ll look thru jGRASP some though. Built in UML looks interesting.

Bottom line, the IDE isn’t as important as the coder.

"Cep21" wrote:
Bottom line, the IDE isn't as important as the coder.
Amen. :)
"Cep21" wrote:
I'll look thru jGRASP some though. Built in UML looks interesting.

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