JME 10 and JME 2.0

I am new here and sorry if this is a dumb question, but I cannot use the links on the download page for either JME 1.0 or JME 2.0 (Tried it in two browsers ; firefox and IE.6)

I did however find JME source page, but when I went directly to the Google Code for JME 2.0 it said there was no projects available...

This might be due to some release change going on based on the earlier posts I have read, so maybe that is all just temporary....but I thought I should mention it.

Anyway, My question is should I dig into JME 1.0 or is it better to learn JME 2.0 instead?  How much of what you learn in JME 1.0 is portable to JME 2.0?  (How much likely rewritting?).

I really want to dig right on and pick the best one to start with, so which is best?

Thanks for the help.

not very much has changed between jme 1 and 2 yet.

some constants have been changed to enums, some methods have a parameter more or less.

if you develop in eclipse or netbeans or another ide, its best if you grab the source of jme 2 from:

see also:

Thanks, it makes sense to start with JME 2 (yeah, I am using Eclipse).  Just thought I should confirm since I just could not get the code from google code, but I will use the links you posted now.


Is there a place to download this (instead of having to check it out)? 

I tried:
but no projects are available.


No, its only available in source form at this moment.