Jme 2.0 download repo missing?

is empty. any idea?


jME 2.0 is only available as checkout from svn at this point. There was talk of a nightly build but I haven't seen it yet.

thanks, I am trying to determine if I should use 1.0 or 2.0.  I want to imbed a human model into my standalone java application that I will be able to control its motions, tell it to walk, run, jump at different rates.

please advise :slight_smile:

jME 2.0 is the way of the future. It currently offers everything you have with jME 1.0 plus bug fixes. If you're not familiar with jME, I would begin with jME 1.0, as the tuts and whatever docs you find are all written for that. Then when you're up to speed you should be able to make the transition to jME 2.0 pretty easily, as the changes at this point are not very significant, but can be hard to grasp if your just figuring it out for the first time with examples that don't exactly match.