jME 2.1 FINAL Call For Testing

Good evening fellow monkeys,

The time is upon us to begin testing for the final official release of jME2. We are asking all to use the RC release (the nightly build from January 19, 2011 here) as a way to put jME2 through its paces one more time! Please report all issues directly in this thread so that they can be formally documented and put into an overview of exactly what the version has working and not working.

Let’s take care of the code that’s taken care of us :slight_smile:

fyi, that link is no longer valid, at start of month the last months builds are purged it seems…

Ah yes, thanks for bringing this up! We deleted a bunch of builds before the server move so that the migration would be quicker… The last change (6436) was on 1/14/11. The build from January 19 would’ve been identical.

I will be happy to test this with my app.

I see the project was moved in the SVN. What tag/branch and revision should I grab?

The working branch for jme2 is now the jme2.1 branch, there should be a tag for the 2.1 release too