jME 2 -> WARNUNG: Could not load image... URL was null


its me again xD

I've created my jME2 Jars from the svn. Now i want to use them in a new project. Everything is ok, all needed libs (LWJGL, JOGL usw.) are included. There are no errors. But when i start my program (It's a SimpleGame), the logger shows the following warning:

24.03.2009 18:14:46 com.jme.renderer.lwjgl.LWJGLTextureRenderer setupTexture

INFO: setup fbo tex with id 1: 1280,768

24.03.2009 18:14:46 com.jme.util.TextureManager loadTexture

WARNUNG: Could not load image…  URL was null. defaultTexture used.

The program runs, but in the right upper corner, there is a gray rectangle instead of the text. (F4 - toggle stats)

It seems to be, that the fonts are missing. When i remove the jme2 jars from buildpath and add my svn jme2 project to this project everything is ok. Which files are missing ? jorbis, junit, swt are also included…

To create the jme2 jars i followed these tutorial:

I hope someone can help  :?


PS: I'm very new with the jME … But i want to learn it !

try to update jme from svn and recreate the jars again.

there was a bug build.xml which cause the defaultfont.tga to be left out of the jar.

Nice tip!