Jme 3.1 AI library

I’m trying to include JME 3.1 AI contribution project to my build.gradle.

I couldn’t find a way to add the AI library as dependency without resorting to download the jar locally.

This is the github of the project : Releases · MeFisto94/jme3-artificial-intelligence · GitHub

And this is the only reference I found on a repository, which is out of date : Maven Repository: net.sf.sociaal » jME3-ai

Is there a link I am missing? How one would proceed to use the AI library if he has a custom version of JME 3.1?

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I don’t think that we have AI support anymore try this:

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I use libgdx in my game.

me too in 2D games, but I didn’t mean LIBGDX I meant his AI library.

Well this is my Custom fork and the best way is to download it by jar.
You might be able to use as well for that.

The Problem is the contribution originally was a sdk plugin which added it to the library section

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Create a new jme project, download the java files, clean and build then use that jar as a new library?

Ah, yes - I also meant only the AI lib


Thank you all!

The purpose of why I actually needed the AI contribution was to use the navmesh module, which I didn’t see by quickly searching libgdx’s AI repository. I’ll keep that project in mind for when I’ll need a complete AI library.

In regard to that, does someone have a repository of a jme3 adaption of libgdx’s AI repository that I can fork? By adaptation, I mean more like a wrapper that uses jme3’s math classes (Vector3f mainly).

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allprojects {
	repositories {
		maven { url '' }

dependencies {
        compile 'com.github.MeFisto94:jme3-artificial-intelligence:untagged-07290bee04ff82724a41'

What a dummy I am ahah Sorry, I didn’t think about your previous post whilst writing my last post. Thank you very much :smile: