JME 3 compatible graphics cards

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These days I am getting a new laptop and I want to make sure that the graphics card will support JME3 (my old laptop’s card does not support the jme3 shaders technology). So is there a list that shows which graphics cards are/arent’s compatible by JME3?

For example, which of the following cards won’t have a problem with JME3?

Intel HD Graphics 3000

AMD Radeon HD 5650

AMD Radeon HD 6470M


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Any graphics card that fully supports OpenGL2.0, so best choose a card that supports OpenGL3 or at least OpenGL 2.1 because some (especially intel) low-tier cards that claim to support OpenGL2.0 fail to fully do so due to driver and/or hardware issues.

Edit: Though you can also run on older hardware using the OpenGL1 compatibility mode, however you will obviously not be able to use many features like for example the water shader etc.

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Amd Radeon HD should be compatbile, at least the 3800series or newer should be, since my 3800 was fully compatible(a bit slow wehn using postprocessing overkill however).

nice, i didnt know it had backwards compatibility, really nice to know :smiley: thx normen.

just went ahead and found how to use it, here’s the tutorial:[]=opengl1


Obviously I meant “ATI” Radeon" not “AMD” :wink:

So, I go for OpenGL 2.1 compatibility and I should be ok.

Thanks guys!