JME app in separate window

All - I’m new to JME. I am trying to create a JME app running a simulation. The left monitor runs the JME app in fullscreen, occupying the entire left monitor. The right monitor will be available and I will use a terminal window to send params to the simulation. I copied code from one of the examples and placed it into the constructor:

public class JMEApp extends SimpleApplication {
    JMEApp() {
        AppSettings settings = new AppSettings(true);
        settings.setResolution(2560, 1440);

Initially I get what I’m after: left monitor runs the app, the mouse moves freely across both monitors. But as soon as I click into any window on the right monitor, the JME app on the left minimizes. If I maximize the JME window, the window comes back up fullscreen as expected but the mouse is constrained such that it cannot move outside of the left monitor.

I’m running JME 3.2.0 stable on Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS, JDK 10.0.2

Any pointers are appreciated.

I suspect this is the behavior of a full-screen application losing focus. Try running in windowed mode.

In windowed mode it functions as expected - thanks. (Meaning loss of focus doesn’t cause the window to minimize.)