jME display tearing under Mac OS X

jME application display render tears as if sync was not activated.

I am testing on a iMac Intel, equiped with a PCIe ATI Radeon X1600, with 128 MB of VRAM.

It is a quite strange behavior, considering that Blender, World of Warcraft and other OpenGL applications work perfectly. Anyone who knows any solution?

Could be helpful trying to recompile LWJGL native libraries? (this is just an idea that came to me)

Are you certain sync is active?  You might also see if Mark (mojo) is having these same issues as he has a similar setup here.

There is no panel under Mac OS X preferences to activate or disactivate sync. It should work by default.

At least what i know is that sync is always active for Mac OS X video drivers. In fact, as I said, Blender and World of Warcraft run perfectly. This make me think that native libraries were responsible of this behavior.

If anyone knows if there is a way to set sync under Mac OS X it would be really helpful.

Or if there is a whay to set it through jME or Java.

In SimpleGame vsync is off by default, in StandardGame it's on. Try a StandardGame-based app. If that helps. Turn it on in jME.


I use a class extending BaseGame like in FlagRush tutorial. How can I activate sync through jME in that case?


Thanks, I will try it tomorrow, whit the iMac that is in the school lab. I work.

O.T. After tomorrow I will wait until october or november to buy my next tower Mac Pro because I wait Leopard to be released. Damn iPhone…  :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunatelly I wasted my last chance to test your suggested code, with the iMac in the school lab. Monday I had no time to try it :’( , and it was my last day of work there.

Now I have to wait, few months untill the release of Leopard when I will buy my tower, 2x Quad Core, Mac Pro. :smiley:

(Sweet waiting )

Thanks! This worked for me. I was also having tearing issues thanks to jME's blazing performance on Cep21's tutorial examples. Still blown away that all this is possible in Java. Just a bit lost in the maths, need to read up on my vectors, etc.