JME Donations

Hi Guys,
I saw in the advanced vehicles thread that @jayfella is leaving the project so I would like to know where to move my monthly JME donation subscription to?

  • And thank you jay for the excellent job you have done and your contribution for the project.

I’d like to second that… @jayfella, I’m very sorry to hear that you’re leaving. I’m sure your efforts have and will continue to have a major lasting impact on jME. Thanks for all you’ve done for the project and the community, and I wish you all the best in your endeavors.


Same here. Thanks a lot and I’m wondering where JME related donations should go now.

as i know, the way to do this will be provided. need wait.

Probably it will be like JME github → sponsor → open collective

just need wait for official info.

As far as donations go, we’ll figure something out, we’re currently in contact with the support of github, because we’re not US Citizens with a US Tax Number and it’s probably a fault on their front-end.
In general we’re migrating/figuring stuff out behind the scenes


If it’s not already obvious, please stop sponsoring me. I will pay the bill of $25 for the forum server (the software store was on my own account, not JME’s) at the end of this month and from there on will not be involved in payments or support of any kind. Please stop sponsoring me and redirect it to whomever or whatever method is in replacement.


Thank you jay. I will shut down the old server instance tomorrow (now it is running in RO mode for people that might still be waiting for dns propagation). If possible i think it would be useful to deactivate (or modify) your jme related patreon page, to avoid confusion.

A new method of sponsorship will be presented soon, as someone anticipated, probably through and services to it associated.

More details will come in an update post.


Does JME3 has an AWS account?
I just won a 500$ in AWS credit prize in the GESAwards competition and would like to try transfer that credit to JME3 AWS account if you have one.