JME FPS Engine

The Engine Video

Check this out! Got inspired by some Halo games, and after 3 weeks or so I finally got down the FPS fundementals for my upcoming game. As of right now all you can do is run and jump lmao. I really wanna make the game as fun as possible though, so feel free to jot down your crazy ideas and they might be in the game :smiley:


Looks good, although the footsteps halls unrealistic loud. ^^
You may check out the game Urban Terror to get inspiration. Is a free fun online shooter with Bot support (doesn’t works on all maps). Especially, the Gun game is a fun game mode imo. Also, you lost on reload ammo always a whole mag. Make the game more realistic and you cannot flood “R” when you have time.

But when you only want to develop the engine, you need just the basics, needn’t it? Hence, define weapons, defines Levels, shoot, detect hits, trigger events when you enter an area and an interface to develop AI with some support like path finding.

Cool! Thank you for your input. I’ll be checking it out

I have to say, Urban Terror is a great game. It really opened my eyes to what a nice retro shooter should be. I’ll be releasing more updates under this thread here! I plan on having a playable demo for everyone soon.


The way I go about it is to take another game as reference and implement all the features you can identify, then raise the bar by looking to another game.
For example start with Doom as baseline, then DN3D, then Quake, etc.
But don’t spend all your time writing your engine, once you reach a milestone pause engine development and make a game with it (not a big game, possibly join a game jam). Then you can go back and fix the problems you found while using your engine and add the feature you feel were missing.


As of right now, im good on the engine. I am starting to implement real game logic into my project now. Also, that is a really good idea. I started off with little inspiration for this project, carrying on ideas from only Halo and thats it. This community has really opened my eyes to what games and projects I should base my project on and build on top of it.

New Update! (12/10/2023)

Watch it on YouTube!
So today I got to work on one small aspect of the engine, ARMS. Sometimes, but not too often do people love to play as a character with a floating gun. So I downloaded a little militiary rig from The Models Resource which i dont intend on keeping in the final game (the final game may not end up a shooter) and assembled it into JME. I got rid of the snappy weapon bobbing transitions in favor of interpolated smooth animations. I do need some help however, in adding some weapon sway. As for the final game, I know im going back in forth between ideas but I would love to make a sort of shooter with rpg elements, or an rpg itself. Dont really know. Anyways, playable demo coming soon, please look forward to it! The game will be multiplayer.


Met a guy today while playing some old minecraft servers. He was very interested in java, and was a very good programmer. He said he had a friend who wanted to build a java game but has no game engine, so yes, jMonkeyEngine can definitely hit better graphics/performance than Unity or Unreal, so please try it out!


Well folks. Due to many unnecessary problems and outdated systems, im switching to libgdx. Im still going to post on youtube and release the game im making soon, but it wont be made in jmonkey anymore. JMonkeyEngine is a great engine, but its not for me. I actually found libgdx easier and found it makes more sense and supports blenders new animation system lmao. Please stay tuned for the game eitherway!

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Sorry to hear that. :frowning: Good luck with your game anyhow!

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JME support Blender animations and even morph shape just by using GLTF format.

So what exactly you mean?

Ok so lately I’ve been having second thoughts on switching to libgdx, since I had already made so much progress in JME. But my issue is that as of Blender 3.6 (my version of blender), I don’t think JME supports it. Blender2Ogre doesn’t work, and GLTF doesn’t either.

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Ogre route is not anymore recommended. GLTF should definitely work. Even if you plan to switch engines, it would be super helpful for the community if you just told us what is wrong with it (little bit more elaboration than “it doesn’t work”). We can then fix it and you’re the last person on earth to stumble on it.

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Did you try to convert it with the JMonkeyEngine SDK to j3o? That’s the default action when use double click in the “Projects”-Tab on the file entry.

Ok so my whole process for models, as you can see, is animating the rig in action editor like im supposed to, but then any export, whether its .gltf, .glb, .fbx, none of them work. I try to use my animation in game using animcomposer, but i think the issue is it cant find the bones? Another thing i really want to do is kind of join the hand bone into my gun model in game so I can just use the seperate gun model and arms model together without having to load “sniperrifle.fbx”, “m4a1.fbx”, etc. I am also using Eclipse IDE to program the game to save RAM. JME SDK takes about 1000mb+ but i still have it installed on my computer if i ever need to use it. Any help works! I dont plan on switching engines too, actually. Found libgdx to be a little more advanced than when i was first toying around with it.

You have to press “Push Down” so your animation shows up as a track in the NLA editor.
Also you should have exactly one armature, if you have more they will be imported as separate AnimControls and it’s makes it difficult to work with (at least I learned to avoid it).

I also don’t convert to the .j3o, I load .glb directly, BUT this has a cost in memory usage and loading time. My models are low poly so I consciously assume the performance cost to save work. There is a CLI tool you can use to automate the process and not depend in the JDK: JmeConvert.

whispering softly “don’t”

Use GLTF. They are the same but current jME version (3.6.x) doesn’t load GLBs nicely. This goes for the SDK and JmeConvert both, all which use jME to do the actual loading.

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Then open your model with the SDK and show what it displays as the model hierarchy.

oh, that’s a bummer. Do you have more detail? Is it just slow or something more? So far I haven’t experienced any issue.

Sorry for the off topic OP.

In short, it is slower than GLTF and uses a lot more memory, a lot. If these don’t affect you, then no problem.