jME Galago Tutorials: Game development made easy

Hi guys,

So I final got around to share my game development framework “Galago” and make some video tutorials on how to use it.
This framework really helped me to make simple and not so GUI intense games.

In these videos I explain how to use Galago with jME and also show you some example games and what approach I took in creating them.

Some important links:
Git Repo: GitHub - nickidebruyn/galago: A easy to use and complete game development framework build for jMonkeyEngine3.0
Dependency jars: galago/Galago/libs at master · nickidebruyn/galago · GitHub
Wiki: Home · nickidebruyn/galago Wiki · GitHub

Next up, some video tutorials:

jME Galago Tutorial : Project setup

jME Galago Tutorial : Screens

jME Galago Tutorial : Buttons and Behavior

jME Galago Tutorial : 2D Space Shooter

These are just some videos I started with and hopefully more will follow.